The issues we never got around to discussing

Well, it’s over.

In the two or three days before the 2016 election cycle begins, let’s kick this question around:

What did you learn from this year’s campaign? What issues were clarified for you? More importantly: What things that matter to you never made it into the discussion?

“It’s always the same questions and always the same five headlines,” ultra-liberal TV talk host Bill Moyers said as he posed a question to Bernie Sanders, the Socialist senator from Vermont.

“Oh, my God,” Sanders responded. “You see, this is the issue. I mean, I’ve been on a million of these shows. They say, ‘Here’s the story of the day. What do you think about the Secret Service? What do you think about this? What do you think about Ebola?’ All of those issues are important.”

Ignore the party labels you may or may not agree with. In your heart, you know he’s right. There, I just included a Republican reference. Happy now?

While driving home last night, I caught this story on All Things Considered. Host Robert Siegel talked to Dr. Katherine Morris about assisted suicide. She assisted in the deaths of patients in Oregon and has been party to a lawsuit in New Mexico for the right to assist another. This, of course, comes in the wake of the death of Brittney Maynard, who took her own life in the last days of an awful illness.

I didn’t hear any discussion of end-of-life issues in any campaign in the country. And yet, here the country is: having a side discussion on these issues while political TV ads tell us the name of a candidate’s dog of the length of another’s hair.

I’m not under any illusions that the people who pull the strings attached to politicians could handle such a discussion, but a person can dream.

What issue would you have wanted to hear debated?

  • BJ

    Three topics come to mind.

    National Debt
    Military Spending
    Welfare for Corporations whose income is over 1 billion.

  • davehoug

    I also vote for National Debt. We have seen the US become less since 1970’s. You can not print your way to greatness.

  • davehoug

    A simpler tax law. WHY should it take soooo many shelves of law books to tax a percent of income???

  • PaulJ

    The lack of a credible voter decision support system.

  • Rich in Duluth

    Regulating the “too big to fail” financial institutions.
    Negotiation of Medicare Part D prices
    How to secure Social Security and Medicare for future generations
    How to move people off of the welfare system and into good jobs
    Higher education and how to make it available to everyone who wants it
    Closing military bases around the world
    How to stop using the military as a diplomatic tool
    Improving the ACA (Obamacare)

    The list is endless….

    • Kassie

      Defining “good job” and making sure most of the jobs out there fit that description.

      • jack

        ..and to take the ‘good job’ a step further, hiring qualified employees with legitimate credentials rather than the Executive Nephews and Nieces or the Owes-Me-a-Favor candidates. And speaking of voting, as a general observation about this News Cut Blog it is easy to log out and log on and vote for yourself (liking your own comment numerous times)

  • Kassie

    I pretty much opted out of this election season. So, I’m not sure exactly what was talked about, but I feel the things that always get missed are:
    -our messed up prison system
    -the racist drug war
    -the cost of child care
    -paid parental leave

  • Jim G

    1. Income inequality. (I predict after this election it will fall off the news radar.)
    2. Securing Medicare and Social Security for the next 50-100 years. Let’s see it debated in Congress.
    3. Militarization of the local police forces. Too many suspects are not even making it into the justice system.
    4. Citizens United and the lack of transparency of who is funding elections from the local school board, District Courts, to state legislatures and national offices. Our country’s leadership is for sale. We should at least know who’s buying.
    5. Racism in America….Too much to say… so little conversation about our enduring national tragedy.

  • MikeB

    – Under what circumstances do we use military force
    – Why is it acceptable, by current policy, that corporations park revenues overseas to avoid taxes and remove investment permanently out of the US economy?
    – Why middle class wages have remained flat for so long
    – Is voting a right or a privilege?

  • I’m deleting responses that debate what people suggest were THEIR issues. That’s not what the post asked.

  • jack

    Bernie Sanders nailed it: The Political Revolution; Taking on Billionaire Corporations Controlling the Government (that’s a book in the making)

  • David

    On Monday one of the MPR Political reporters nailed it: No one in this year’s race benefits from explaining their plans or ideas specifically.
    Any sort of specifics would have been helpful this year.

  • Veronica

    Paid maternity leave
    Paid parental leave
    Student loan rates

  • jack

    After the last story on Brittany Maynard, I had hoped she had changed her mind on her decision and was considering going a bit longer. Understandable but very sad. Could a politician handle this kind of discussion? I am certain it would become another Prolife/ Prochoice issue.