Show me your property taxes

Every year around this time, the NewsCut tradition calls for a sharing of our proposed taxes for the new year, the notices for which should be arriving soon if they haven’t already.

Let me know in the comments section what the tax hit is for you in 2015 and indicate the location.

For the sake of sanity, please hold off on the commentary for now on any philosophy you may have about the role of government, unless it’s something that nobody has ever said before. We just finished a political campaign, so we’ve pretty much heard all the arguments for and against.

I’ll start. All taxes are net:

Washington County (Woodbury)

  • County up 12.1 percent
  • City up 7 percent
  • School district up 10.4 percent
  • Met Council up 9.5 percent
  • Total taxes up 10.1 percent
  • Property valuation up 18 percent

According to the county, one of the reasons for the big jump is that during the Great Recession, the taxes on private homeowners were eased and shifted to commercial properties and that is now being shifted back.

The large increase in the schools, partly due to vote approved levies, is interesting because the district is also considering a huge spending spree on news schools and additions.