Show me your property taxes

Every year around this time, the NewsCut tradition calls for a sharing of our proposed taxes for the new year, the notices for which should be arriving soon if they haven’t already.

Let me know in the comments section what the tax hit is for you in 2015 and indicate the location.

For the sake of sanity, please hold off on the commentary for now on any philosophy you may have about the role of government, unless it’s something that nobody has ever said before. We just finished a political campaign, so we’ve pretty much heard all the arguments for and against.

I’ll start. All taxes are net:

Washington County (Woodbury)

  • County up 12.1 percent
  • City up 7 percent
  • School district up 10.4 percent
  • Met Council up 9.5 percent
  • Total taxes up 10.1 percent
  • Property valuation up 18 percent

According to the county, one of the reasons for the big jump is that during the Great Recession, the taxes on private homeowners were eased and shifted to commercial properties and that is now being shifted back.

The large increase in the schools, partly due to vote approved levies, is interesting because the district is also considering a huge spending spree on news schools and additions.

  • David Brauer

    Southwest Minneapolis Kingfield neighborhood:

    Estimated Market Value +11%, property taxes +5.3
    Hennepin county +6.2%, Minneapolis city +3.8%, Minneapolis parks +7%, Minneapolis schools +2.7%.

    No jurisdiction up more than $100 and I’ll still be paying lower property taxes than 2 years ago.

  • Sam

    Hennepin County (Minneapolis)

    County up 10%
    City up 7.5%
    Park Board up 10.7%
    School district up 10.1%
    Met Council up 5.2%
    Total taxes up 9.1%

    Property valuation up 13.8%
    Taxable Market Value up 16.8%

  • PJ

    Also Washington County (Woodbury)
    County +10.3%
    City +5.8%
    School district +13.6% (ISD 622)
    Met Council +7.2%
    Total taxes +10.1%

    Estimated Market value up 17.7%
    Taxable Market value up 19.9%

  • Windom Park in Northeast Minneapolis:

    EMV up 3.6%
    Hennepin down 1.3%
    Mpls down 3.6%
    Parks down 0.69%
    Schools down 0.19% (voter-approved levy up 7.9%)
    Overall down 1.9% (~$40)

  • James

    Hennepin County (Hopkins)
    County up 10.7%
    City up 16%
    School district up 7.8%
    Met Council up 6.5%
    Total taxes up 11.4%

    Property valuation up 18.2%

  • Tom

    Washington County (Stillwater)

    Washington County +31%
    City of Stillwater +35%
    ISD 834 Stillwater +27%
    Met Council +30%
    Other Special Taxing Districts +34%

    Total +31.6%

    Estimated Market Value +31.8%
    Taxable Market Value +44.3%

  • Paul

    Dakota County (rural)

    County down 2.7%
    Township down 8.2%
    School district no change
    Met Council down 10.1%
    Total tax down 1.8%

    Market value up 4.1%
    Taxable value up 4.6%

  • David P.

    Henn Cty -1.5%
    Mpls -3.7%
    Park Board -1%
    School -.6%
    Met Council -6%
    Spec Tax Dist -2.2%
    Total Net -2.1% (-$86.67)
    Mkt Value of home +4.6%

  • brian

    Just bought a house for the first time, so this is my first property tax statement.

    Diamond Lake, Minneapolis (Hennepin)

    Estimated Market Value +4.9%,
    property taxes -10.5
    Hennepin county -11.4%,
    Minneapolis city -12.8%,
    Minneapolis parks -10.8%,
    Minneapolis schools -5.7%

    I just realized that my numbers are skewed since the property went from non-homestead to homestead (previous owners had already moved out for a while before we bought it). The property value number is before the homestead adjustment, but I don’t have the unadjusted tax numbers.

    • brian

      Are they just flat percentages of market value? If so, adjusted for the homestead change:

      property taxes -.2%
      Hennepin county -1.2%,
      Minneapolis city -3%,
      Minneapolis parks -.6%,
      Minneapolis schools +5.1%

      • Percentages from a year ago.

        • brian

          Oh. yeah, I understood that. My second post was an attempt to back out percentage change without the homestead change.

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    Mine are screwy because I’m in some kind of tax increment district.

    Valuation down 3%
    Taxable market value down 5.2%

    County tax up 151%
    City tax up 6.9%
    School tax up 2.4%
    Met Council tax up 147%
    Soecial taxing district tax up 134%

    Total tax down 14.2%

    Like I said, screwy.

  • Tyler


    City: +1.6%
    County: +0.6%
    School District: – 0.8%
    Met Council: – 3.5%
    Total taxes : +0.2%
    Property valuation: +6.1%

    I guess Plymouth is an outlier…

  • Stacy

    Washington County (Afton)
    County: + 6.9%
    City of Afton: +7.1%
    Stillwater School District: +37.7% yikes
    Met council: +4%
    Total property tax change: +7%

    estimated market value: +14.5%
    taxable market value: +16.3%

  • Duke Powell

    Always an interesting question! Thanks for asking.


    Dakota Co up 2.5%
    City of Burnsvile up 6.1%
    School Dist. 191 up 6.6%
    Met Council down 1.3%
    Other down 4.7

    The last 2 in the list total less than $100

    Market Value up 7.8%
    Taxable Market Value up 9.3%

  • Minnehaha Neighborhood (Minneapolis):

    Henn Cty -0.15%
    Mpls -2.1%
    Park Board +0.8%
    School +1.01%
    Met Council -4.0%
    Spec Tax Dist -0.5%

    Total Net -0.4% (-$9.48)

    Taxable Market Value of Home +6.4%

  • Annie

    Southeast Minneapolis, Marcy-Holmes neighborhood
    Hennepin County down 8.8%
    City of Minnepolis down 10.8%
    Minneapolis Parks down 8.2%
    Minneapolis Schools down 7.7%
    Met Council down 12.8%
    Other special taxing district down 12.2%
    Total taxes down 9.3%
    Estimated Market Value down 2.8%
    Taxable Market Value down 3.1%

  • Robert Moffitt

    Mrs. Lungs writes the checks. To be honest, I have no idea.

    • You can check them online…

  • Matt Wells

    The mean streets of Macalester-Groveland in St Paul:

    Estimated Market Value +9.7% plus a loss of “this old house” of another 1%
    Ramsey County +3.2%
    St Paul City +6.4%
    St Paul Schools +4.4%
    overall up 4.6% from last year
    and up from two years ago by 2.2%

  • Melissa

    Edina (east)

    County +12.4%
    City +14%
    School +16%
    Met Council +8%
    Total +14%

    EMV +17.7%

  • Carolyn Davis

    St Paul’s North End. The good news: taxes down about $360. The bad news: property value dropped again to just over half what we paid; we still owe nearly twice what it’s worth. Please remind me why we should keep paying ….

  • bri-bri

    Minneapolis, Hiawatha neighborhood:

    Estimated Market Value +6.2%
    Taxable Market Value: +7.5%
    County: +1.2%
    City: -1.1%
    School District: +2%
    Total Property Tax: +0.6%

  • Hillary

    Vadnais Heights, a low value townhouse. Valuation is up 8%, taxes are down 1.8%.

    Mortgage plus HOA plus taxes plus heat still substantially lower than comparable rent, so I’m happy.

  • DavidG

    Ramsey County portion of St Anthony Village,

    EMV unchanged
    total property tax currently down 3.2%

    But, two school levies were approved this month, one new, and one replacing an expiring levy at a slightly higher amount. So my final bill will end up increasing 1-2% due to those.

    • DavidG

      I might add: this is the second year that my EMV had held steady since I bought my place in 2007. The first five years it dropped. Overall, my EMV is down~45% from what I paid.

      The one good thing about that fact is my property taxes have gone down every year since I bought.

  • Doug H

    Anoka County
    Estimated Mrkt Value +2.8%
    Taxable Mrkt Value +3.3%

    Total Proposed Tax -4.2%
    County -8.6%
    City +3.8%
    School District -7.6%