Opposition mobilizes again to MSHSL transgender policy

The conservative group that’s opposed to the Minnesota State High School League’s proposed policy for transgender athletes has pulled another full-page ad out of the “say what?” file.

The MSHSL proposed policy is meant to comply with a U.S. Department of Education update to Title IX requirements, which say the civil rights law extends to all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

The League shied away from a decision earlier this year after the Child Protection League claimed it would result in boys taking showers with women.

The issue is back on the MSHSL meeting agenda for this week, and the Child Protection League is back with another full-page ad in the Star Tribune today that’s intended to hit parents where it really hurts — the pocketbook.


The MSHSL will consider the proposal at its meeting on Thursday morning.

Here’s the draft policy.

  • Jordan Green

    Sensationalism at its best/worst.

  • Gender discrimination in any form is illegal. Stop the fear-mongering.

  • John O.

    Q: How many 14-year-old girls (or boys) are offered college scholarships at that age? A: Probably none. (But I am sure there will be a parent living vicariously through their child who will tell you that little Elwood or Alma has been *promised* a full ride by [fill in the blank].)

    It’s not just fear-mongering, it’s misinformation as far as I am concerned.

  • MrE85

    Not to take this nonsense seriously, but if she lost a spot on the team, why would she be showering with them?

    • Kassie

      Also, if she lost the spot on the team, meaning she would have been the worst person to make the team at try outs, what’s the chance she would get an athletic scholarship?

  • BJ

    Pretty sure the only pro sports team in Minnesota that has said anything is my beloved Minnesota United – http://www.mnunitedfc.com/news/detail/lang/EN/uuid/1gn5zy1xv05d81tnj6407jmv1k/mshsl-deserves-praise-not-criticism-for-transgender-policy#.VHx92DHF_Tc

    • Al

      That’s really heartening to read, BJ.

  • Jerry

    I think maybe the members of the the Child Protection League watched too many bad ’80s teen comedies. Maybe they are confusing transgender teens with the characters from Bosom Buddies.

  • Jeff C.

    Don’t just comment here – comment on the MSHSL website – http://www.mshsl.org/mshsl/GeneralizedIssues2.asp

  • PStJTT

    And not only is she going to knock your little muffy off the baseball team, she’s going to parlay that full boat scholarship to a Harvard MBA and come back to town and be your boss. Frightened enough yet? She’s also going to manage the fund that your retirement money is in. Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

  • Eva Odland

    Parents: There is a chance your hyper-parenting dreams may be disrupted by reality. Little Bobby quit soccer, is now a skate punk, has purple hair and wears skirts.

  • Jose Gabriel D’Windt

    I opened the article expecting to see some debate about the physical strength difference between male and female, something about co-ed sports or something, and to see if there were studies supporting one or the other side. Silly me…

  • http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/district-ordered-pay-transgender-student-75k-27308545

    District in Maine just coughed up $75k. If they decide inappropriately (ie against the US Education code) I hope this district has that much in their slush fund for the first lawsuit…