Lino Lakes PD is today’s winner of the Internet

The Lino Lakes Police Department gets today’s points for successfully marrying the two -gate stories — pointergate and “grapegate,” the more-outraged-than-a-reasonable-person-should-be Minnesota reaction to the New York Times assigning of grape salad as Minnesota’s representative to the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Meet Kelly McCarthy, who’s behind the funny tweets from Lino Lakes.

  • L. Foonimin

    thank goodness for the likes of Kelly McCarthy, please keep on rescuing us from the sin of taking ourselves so seriously!

  • Robert Moffitt

    Bless them. I loved their “We got your goat” tweet a while back. They really did have a lost goat!

  • Dakota Huseby


  • Ella

    I first saw that photo shared by John Vincent on Facebook mp lease be sure whoever at LLPD is taking credit actually made that photo.