It’s not all about you, Adrian Peterson

Meet Adrian Peterson, NFL running back, child beater, victim.


Yahoo Sports’ Eric Edholm writes:

This tweet — assuming his account was not hacked — certainly doesn’t make the Minnesota Vikings running back, who admitted to police he didn’t know what was wrong with hitting his 4-year-old child multiple times when interviewed in his case, appear to be any more aware now than he appeared then.

Other athletes reacted to the Ferguson news, and there was a mixture of anger, confusion and frustration mixed in. But Peterson’s confusion takes that word to a whole new direction.

(h/t: Julia Schrenkler)

  • Robert Moffitt

    The sooner this guy starts playing for the Raiders, the better.

  • John O.

    A.P. is another one who should consider taking an extended Twitter holiday.

  • Dave

    Football players aren’t hired because they’re smart. They’re hired because they are large humans who are good at playing a children’s game.

    “Take this ball and run over there.”

    That’s pretty much all you need to know in order to be Adrian Peterson. In a perfect world, this tweet would harm his case with the league. But the NFLPA will defend to the death the right of their clients to being complete jerks.