Hunter shoots family dog

A deer hunter in Northfield, Minnesota, isn’t doing much for the image of the sport.

KARE 11 reports the hunter shot a family dog. His excuse is he thought it was a stray.

Why does that factoid matter? Because Minnesota has an odd law that allows hunters to shoot dogs.

“I asked the landowner, I says, ‘Was he chasing the deer?’ he says ‘No, he was just coming down the trail and this man who was in the deer stand shot the dog,'” says Jim Hullett, Diesel’s owner.

In Minnesota you can legally shoot a dog if it’s chasing big game, but only between January 1 and July 14, and only if the discharge of firearms is allowed. The law is somewhat confusing but the hunter admitted to killing the dog, saying he thought it was a stray.

The case has been given to the county attorney.

“We’ve never had this happen before where an animal’s been shot when it’s not chasing wildlife, so it’s new to us and we’ve forwarded the reports to the county attorney’s office for their review to see if they can find any charges that are applicable,” Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn tells KARE.

  • The “hunter” needs to have his hunting license revoked. Forever.

  • Robert Moffitt

    What a terrible, mean-spirited thing to do.

  • David L.

    Seems to me this would fit well within Minnesota’s animal cruelty statute. Minn. Stat. 343.21, subd. 1 provides that “No person shall . . . unjustifiably injure, maim, mutilate, or kill any animal . . . whether it belongs to that person or to another person.” The penalty is up to two years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

    • Jack

      -that includes poisoning too.

  • jon

    Stray or not what goes through your head that makes you think, there’s a lab, I’ll shoot it!
    also if your a deer hunter, wouldn’t the goal be to shoot deer? and if you are in a tree stand, hunting deer, isn’t shooting anything other than a deer something that is going to make a loud bang and scare any nearby deer away?

    • Hunter

      Yes you are right, but having a dog running around you r tree stand will scare deer away as well. I am not justifying the shooting, just saying keep your pets in your yard and this never happens.

      • Lisa

        Really? Going there? Ok then.

      • Kassie

        The dog was on private land, not in a State Forrest or something.

      • merle

        I live in the woods of northern MN and hunt for meat, not antlers. My
        neighborhood is quiet 11 months of the year until November when the
        “sportsmen” come out for the annual deer hunt. Then nothing that moves
        is safe, including my dogs. Bottom line: There was no justification for shooting this dog.

        • Raven Cassidy

          agree .. if you are hunting for food and survival there is a huge difference .. most hunters are only in it for the killing and a trophy on their wall … hunting for profit, trophy, and so called sport should be banned and only hunting for food or survival should be allowed ….

    • Raven Cassidy

      I believe this sociopath was bored and since he couldn’t find any deer to murder he needed to kill something and the dog came by and he thought why not !!!! WHAT A SCUMBAG >>>>>

  • Jim G

    Unfortunately, some folks in deer stands are not true hunters, exhibiting a reverence for the life of animals they paradoxically take. This killing of a family pet fills me with remorse. On behalf of ethical hunters, I humbly apologize for this horrendous act.

    • Raven Cassidy

      to me hunting in a deer stand is not hunting at all .. it is waiting for animals to cross your path and then you kill it in a sneak attack !!! How is that hunting …