Classic NYT correction on ‘grape salad’ story

It’s kind of official now. The New York Times article claiming Minnesota’s stranglehold on love for grape salad is journalism’s “Ishtar.”


This officially ends the controversy.

(h/t: Matt Black)

  • illudiumQ36

    Note that Minnesota was left out of this, putting the Grey Lady in the unenviable position of needing to correct their correction. As far as I’m concerned, #grapegate remains officially and bafflingly unresolved.

  • Jack

    NYT is definitely slipping.

  • Greg W

    Harrumph! Where was the outrage from the DE Twitter users when the New York Times made such egregious errors regarding the du Pont family? That’s the real controversy. #familygate

  • davehoug

    GEE cutbacks in staff HAS a consequence…..woulda thunk it 🙂