1,000 Words: The ‘I voted’ sticker

Some people couldn’t be bothered to vote this week.

Others rememebered why they could.

Photo: Brianne Wojtesta

“I was there first thing Tuesday morning with another woman to honor her in this way,” Brianne Wojtesta of Rochester, NY said of her side trip to the New Hope Cemetery. “I posted this pic on my Facebook page and some others followed the idea. I thought it was a most fitting tribute I could offer.”

Photo: Deborah Ketchum.
  • Thomas Mercier

    Looks like a case of voter fraud to me. Not only did a dead woman vote, but she voted multiple times! 🙂

  • Robert Moffitt

    I saw this old flyer outlining the case against women voting recently on Facebook. Must be seen to be believed.

    • Oliver Steinberg

      Or, why bother to have elections at all? 90% of both men and women don’t want to vote or don’t care or only double or annul other people’s votes. Besides it’s expensive and risky. But I wonder what “petticoat rule” means? Would it be something naughty? It could be exciting. Maybe we should find out . . .

    • BJ

      This really goes well with the discussion on voting from the other day.

    • jack

      “Because 80% of the women eligible to vote are married and can only double or annul their husbands’ votes.”
      This makes me think about how many couples share the same political views. Do Democrats marry Republicans? And if they do, how long do they stay married?
      Does Mrs. NewsCut annul your vote, Bob?

      • Well, I certainly would think so on occasion

        But I never ask her whom she voted for and I can’t recall her ever asking me.

        We share similar values but I think we disagree from time to time on how they should be applied.

        • jack

          That sounds healthy and respectful.
          Have either of you thought of running?

  • davehoug

    Great Tribute

  • Oliver Steinberg

    Mine says: “I vomited.”

  • davehoug

    Did she see the day companies could buy massive ad campaigns without revealing who (or what country) decides on the purchase 🙁

  • Veronica

    I was in Rochester last weekend visiting family, and they all thought I was out of my mind for wanting to go to the Susan B. Anthony museum. I can’t explain why, but it was something I really, really wanted to do.

    I vote in every election and primary, and proudly talk to my kids about who I am voting for and why. During the August primary, my 6 year old son asked me why I liked to vote so much. I told him it’s because less that 100 years ago, women had to fight for the right to vote, and I won’t take that for granted.