Volcanoes, walruses, and the planet that puts on a show

Whether things are going good or bad, it’s still an amazing planet.

A couple of images drive this home today.

First, a couple of guys with a quadcopter, have flown it near the Bardabunga volano in Iceland. Experts have been warning it’s going to blow and cloud the European skies with ash.

Beautiful indeed.

So is this, in a frightening sort of way. Thirty-five thousand walruses have hit the shore in Pt. Lay, Alaska.

It’s called a “haulout” and it was discovered earlier this week by an Arctic observation flight by NOAA.

There was no mention of why the walruses are on the beach in the NOAA handout with the exception of a notation that no sea ice was found in the area.

Sea ice is at the sixth-lowest level on record, according to The Guardian.

  • Robert Moffitt

    Re: the walrus. Besides the obvious missing ice, I understand the problem with these big beach gatherings is the big beasts get spooked easily when on land, where they feel vulnerable to bear attacks. In a stampede, the youngsters can easily get killed.

  • joetron2030

    I happen to be a friend of a friend of Eric Cheng. I’ve never been introduced to him, though. From what I’ve seen via Facebook, he does a lot of amazing photography work. A lot of it while scuba diving in various locales around the Pacific and South Pacific.