Vikings QB cheers kids whose mom died in car crash

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder may not be a legitimate NFL QB, but he’s doing just fine in the decency department.

Just ask Brianna and Emily Robbins, whose mother was killed in a car accident a few weeks ago.

“They were really rough days,” their dad, Justin, tells WCCO. “Her favorite store was Lululemon, and so we thought to take the girls to get a headband at Lululemon to cheer them up.”

While there, they ran into Christian Ponder and the girls told him why they were there. Dad gave the player a little encouragement, the kind he doesn’t get from Vikings fans anymore.

“When we walked into the store, the manager came out and he mentioned that they wanted to buy my daughters some clothes that day,” Justin said.

After pressing the manager for several minutes, it finally came out that Sam and Christian Ponder wanted to do something nice for Brianna and Emily.

Anything the girls wanted was on their tab.

“After a while, my daughters had the whole store in a bag. So I decided to say, ‘You’re not getting all those clothes.’ I allowed them to get one outfit,” Justin said.

But the girls still got way more than they bargained for; their outfits were professionally tailored.

In the eyes of Brianna and Emily, the clothes were a touchdown at a time when they needed it most.

“I’d tell him thank you for what you did, and that I felt like my mom was doing this,” Brianna said.