The fleeting moments of unity

It was a lovely moment this morning when the Canadian House of Commons had a special sitting with its leadership led into the chambers by Kevin Vickers, the sergeant at arms who saved members’ lives by shooting and killing the man who had invaded Parliament Hill.

No doubt the members will one day soon again launch rhetorical grenades at the opposition. But not this day.

It was a reminiscent of 9/11, when Republican and Democrats on Capitol Hill spontaneously joined together to sing a song.

It takes a fair amount of suffering to create these moments.

  • Gary F

    And just think, when Nidal Hasan killed those folks at Fort Hood in 2009, they ruled it “workplace violence”.

    • Duke Powell


    • Chris

      I really do not understand the relevance of this comment.

      • Gary F

        Canada has a “Lone Wolf” Islamic nutjob taking the Jihad into his own hands and the Canadians call if for what it is, “Islamic Terrorism”.

        We have an Islamic nutjob(Nidal Hasan) taking the Jihad into his own hands and our government fails to call it what it is and tries to soften it’s relevance and called it “a workplace violence” incident.

        • Chris

          I’m sorry Fox News told you to be agitated 5 years later about how the DOD described it. The Senate (also the government) called it terrorism if that makes you feel better. I still don’t understand the relevance of your comment. I don’t know that the label really matters. You can say they are terrorists all you want but it is more complicated than that because I think you’ll find in both cases, mental health problems were a big part of what made these guys act.

  • Matt

    He who suffers remembers.

  • Robert Moffitt

    In Canada they take “Sergeant-at-arms” literally.