St. Thomas student ruins Santa Claus forever

For sheer Minnesotaness, a St. Paul father wins the award for understanding, considering the drunk St. Thomas student who barged into his house over the weekend ruined Santa Claus forever.

“The police did a nice job of calming them down and explaining the individual meant no harm,” Tom Sullivan tells the Pioneer Press. “Fortunately, it had a happy ending and no one will ever think of Santa the same way. If you’re going to have a break-in, this is the best kind — someone who means no harm and was looking for a place to sleep.”

A University of St. Thomas senior walked into the family’s unlocked home on Saturday night dressed as a zombie Santa. A zombie pub crawl had been underway since 4 that afternoon.

The incident sent a 14-year-old screaming into the street. The parents were out at the time.

“This guy ought to be examining his conscience … for what he did to those kids,” neighbor Margaret Marrinan told the paper. She’s also a Ramsey County judge.

It was homecoming at St. Thomas.

  • >>The incident sent a 14 year old screaming into the street.<<

    I'm hoping that a 14 year old doesn't still believe there is a Santa Claus…or zombies for that matter.

    • Kassie

      If someone barged into my house after dark, I’d probably run to the street screaming too, costume or no costume. That’s scary.

      • Yeah, I hear you.

  • Gary F

    I’d be careful if I were a drunken zombie trespassing into homes these days. Hornrady has a whole line of “Zombie Max” ammunition.

    • Yes, yes they do, but a simple “shotgun blast to the chest” is still pretty effective, just ask Bill Murray in the movie “Zombieland.”