Song raises money for Ronald McDonald House

The Twin Cities provides the backdrop for a music video unveiled this week by the website, Soul Pancake, in which a Tampa singer, Matt Hires, sings to support the local Ronald McDonald House.

The song was commissioned by Minneapolis-based radio personality Paul Fletcher of Cities 97, whose daughter has Hirschsprung’s disease.

The download cost of the song — 99 cents — goes to support Ronald McDonald House.

Fletcher writes on the station’s website:

The first single is “Hold You Up” by Matt Hires. Matt has become quite a good friend and after a single phone call with me, explaining our experience at Ronald McDonald House when Elsie was born with Hirschsprung’s Disease, he absolutely NAILED the spirit, the essence of what Ronald McD House is all about. I guess that’s why he’s the songwriter, eh?! 🙂 The lyrics “til the silence gives an answer, til your questions find a home, I will hold you up” is about as SPOT on as it gets. I can’t thank Matt enough for his song. PLEASE, spend the whopping .99 cents now and grab the song, you can do that RIGHT HERE, put on Rock The Cause Records.

THEN, we took to the streets and shot a video. I’m floored by the people that rallied around to help make this all become a reality. Thanks to Olson, Wayfarer Entertainment and Soul Pancake for making this happen as well as all the other people that helped this dream come true.