Pakistani ‘truthers’ make a stand for misogyny

As warm as many reasonable people felt today when the notion of educating women was recognized with the Nobel Peace Prize, some of the reaction is enough to make you throw up your hands. Or just throw up.

The BBC gave us one such moment today when it talked to Tariq Khattack, editor of the Pakistan Observer newspaper.

“She is a normal, useless type of a girl,” he said. “Nothing in her is special at all.”

A normal…useless…type of girl?

The BBC host was incredulous, but then Khattack apologized for his English. He shouldn’t have stopped there.

  1. Listen BBC interviews Tariq Khattack about Malala Yousafzai

    October 10, 2014

It is, the BBC said, somewhat typical of the reaction to today’s announcement.

  • jon

    How is calling half the population of Pakistan useless not anti-Pakistan.

    I know half the population in my country is below average (it’s the half that doesn’t get the joke) but calling it out doesn’t make the country sound particularly good.

    • davehoug

      The latest study also showed half of all brain surgeons are below average in skill and ability ๐Ÿ™‚

      • davidz

        To be really pick, exactly half are below the median. We don’t know about the averages.

        I can only comment on that, because I’m utterly speechless at the actual story here. Wow. I’m embarrassed to share a planet with some of my fellow people.

        • davehoug

          ooohhhh spot on. I will have to remember 1/2 below the MEDIAN. missed that ๐Ÿ™

        • John

          meh, median and average become indistinguishable in a large enough sampling of a Gaussian population. I doubt it gets much more Gaussian than the entire population of a country.

          Now, on the brain surgeon front, that’s probably a small population, so I’ll give you median on that one.

          wow, I hope that’s the nerdiest thought I have today. Probably won’t be though.

  • Jerry

    And yet Pakistan had a female prime minister over 25 years ago, which is doing better then many western countries. (Yes, I realise she was later assassinated)

  • Gaey F

    Puts the saying “war on women” in a new context.gary

    • Jerry

      Different battles, same war

  • Xopher Smith

    “Women of the world: take over. ‘Cause if you don’t, the world will come to an end. It won’t take long.” –Jim O’Rourke

  • Jack

    “…education should not pollute…” Agreed, education should empower and in healthy environments it can (non selective, all inclusive which pertains to western cultures also) . Technology aids in individual scrutiny where the fruits of hard work and determination end up disappointing and flavorless for some regardless of mantras chanted prayers given.