Minneapolis ad firm rolls out anti-‘Redskin’ ad

A Minneapolis ad agency has rolled out a commercial to build support for banning use of the word “Redskins” from the regulated over-the-air broadcasts.

Red Circle is owned by a member of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, according to Fox 9 News.

“I was tired of people avoiding what I think is the real issue. There is no word in the American lexicon that is more hurtful to the Native American,” Chad Germann said in a statement to USA Today. “We’re left with this ugly word. People don’t talk about how ugly it is. We need to talk about it.”

The anti-Redskins campaign will get significant attention this weekend in the Twin Cities because the team plays the Vikings on Sunday on the University of Minnesota campus, where protests are planned.

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  • Jim G

    I understand that Minneapolis has the largest Native American community in the country. If this metropolitan area doesn’t forcefully lobby for a name change of the Washington football team, which one will?

    • Kassie

      We are not even in the top five for Native Americans in a city. Minnesota is 16th in Native American population.

      • Jim G

        I don’t know where I learned or heard the misinformation, but after looking it up I came to the conclusion that you are correct. We had a state population of 60,916 Native Americans in our state or 1.1% of our population total. This is according to the 2010 U.S. Census. I strive to be a life long learner, so you get a gold star… for teaching the retired teacher. In my opinion, our community should still lobby the Washington team and the NFL to change the name. Go Anchorage, Alaska. You’re number one!

  • Gary F

    The game will go on as scheduled, and come Monday, the media will go on with a new crisis. Same thing that happens in every town they play in.

  • Jeff

    Did the NBA team from Washington suffer when they changed their name from the Bullets to the Wizards? Did people stop going to the game because they missed the name? If the team was a winning team, would people not support them because they were angry about the name-change? I doubt it. Why oh why won’t the NFL team from Washington change their name from something that would NEVER be chosen if they were picking a new team name today to something that isn’t offensive? Do they think that someday people won’t be offended by this name? It’s absurd that the owner, Daniel Snyder won’t do now what will obviously happen eventually – change the name!

    • David P.

      I think Mr Snyder has a serious case of false pride and phoney ego. To admit a wrong is near impossible to someone so afflicted.

  • David P.

    Clearly Mr Snyder is not a very good (business) person. What savy marketer would name their brand something as patently offensive to so many.
    The name will change when a major advertiser or two lets the NFL know they do not approve (as with A Peterson and the Vikings). I for one, intend to personally boycott any product that advertises on NFL broadcasts.

    • Jim

      He didn’t name the team Redskins. Since he bought the team, they have gone up in value about 7X. Sounds to me like a very very good business person.

      • David P.

        I understand he did not originate the team name. But with every passing day that he retains that name, he alienates more potential customers and gets on thinner ice with various corporate sponsors. Having the value of team go up is not due to his business expertise as much as the value in TV contracts negotiated by the NFL and the tax benefits of team ownership making a team an attractive investment. He may well be a capable investor, but in my opinion, he is not a good business person, or at least is not making a sound business decision regarding the brand name.