Marines engage Korean Army in skirmish

Details are fast emerging on the Internet today of a vicious battle between opposing forces in Korea last week. U.S. Marines were stunned by the assault on their territory and appeared to be in disarray before mounting a ferocious counterattack with weapons of mass percussion.

Like everything else on the Korean peninsula, the skirmish resulted in a standoff.

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    • Jim G

      We don’t need contact sports to fulfill the urge of our young boys and men to hit something. We need to become a nation of drummers. It’s louder, and the concussive force is focused, not on a brain, but on something that we males love to make… noise. Earplugs anyone?

      • Jack


        Jim – totally agree with your comments. Imagine if we could solve the world’s ills through the use of music.

  • Jim G

    Loved when the Marines counterattacked using their opponents’ own sonic devices…drumtastic.

  • Robert Moffitt

    ROK music.

  • jon

    Isn’t this what they teach in basic training, short steady bursts, decisive movements, etc.

    • Robert Moffitt

      Actually, you’re right.

  • John

    That’s the best thing I’ve seen today (but I haven’t watched the Buddy Rich/Animal battle yet).

    It’s good to see something moving beyond politics and propoganda. Maybe both sides have learned that they other guy might not be so bad after all.