End of the road for troublesome Hwy 52 intersection

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It may be a pain for residents of Pine Island, Minnesota, but the words “good riddance” were invented precisely for the closing of the disaster-waiting-to-happen intersection of U.S. Highway 52 in the city.

It was closed yesterday as part of the effort to make 52 a rootin’ tootin’ freeway, the Rochester Post Bulletin says.

You’ll still be able to exit Highway 52 from the north, but you won’t be able to enter to the north, which required crossing the southbound lanes.

It’s been the scene of 26 accidents in the last decade, one of them fatal.

  • Dave

    We need better federal funding for this road and it should be upgraded to interstate highway standards. They shouldn’t have to close access; some sort of interchange should be built.

    • Jerry

      The problem with turning 52 into a full freeway is that a lot of people have houses that have driveways that go directly to the road without easy access to other roads. I know the eventual goal is to turn it into a freeway, because the highway department values those who live on either end of the road more then those who live along it.

  • dnarex

    What is the plan for all the people who live on 52?

  • Thomas Mercier

    There is already a grade separated interchange in Pine Island. The poor folks will have to drive at most a couple miles further to access the existing interchange. An inconvenience but not an atrocity by any means to have this unidirectional access closed.