Dems’ fixation on candidate’s hair riles Iron Range paper

When the campaign season mercifully ends in a few weeks, history will record that this was the year that a party ran against an opponent’s hairin the race for Congress in Minnesota’s 8th District. Hair!

The Washington Post declared earlier this month that this is how you run against “a rich guy.”

No it’s not, the Mesabi Daily News declares in an editorial today, one of the very few outlets that’s taken a stand against dumb and superficial political ads.

Who cares if Mills has distinctive long hair? The only thing interesting about that is how it runs contrary to the public image and perception of Republicans.

Does Rep. Nolan’s somewhat peculiar voice inflection matter? Of course not.

This hit-ad on Mills is just one of many disgusting television commercials airing throughout the country during this political campaign — for both Democratic and Republican candidates.

What they really do is discredit the very candidates they are trying to help.

The ad about Mills’ hair was not put on air directly by the Nolan campaign. It is the silly work of the Democratic Congressional Committee.
But it is still tied to the congressman. After all, it was authorized by a committee working for the election of all Democratic members of Congress, including Nolan.

The editorial gave a nod to incumbent Rick Nolan for doing “some good things” for the district.

(h/t: Bob Moffitt)

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