Comedian gives Walker ad “bad lip reading’ treatment

In one of the few moves that could make political TV ads bearable, Madison comedian Brandon Jensen has doctored up a campaign ad for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

Jensen tells the Cap Times that he gave the video the “Bad Lip Reading” treatment after seeing the original ad about Walker’s position on abortion

“I was working out on an elliptical and I saw it on the big-screen TV,” Jensen said. “I couldn’t hear it, but I could tell the message was a little ambiguous. I figured I’d try making a video, since it was already kind of nonsensical.”

“I purposefully didn’t listen to the original, just so I could think of words that weren’t anything like that,” he said. “I just watched his mouth moving and tried to pick out key words that it looked like he might be saying, and then filled in the gaps in between.”

(h/t: Fareed Guyot)