Canadian city refuses to cede territory to hate

In the wake of last week’s killings in Canada, the haters had their night, but the good people had the daytime.

In Cold Lake, Alberta, vandals struck a mosque, spray painting messages of hate.

“This is now way symbolic of the way we feel about any segment of our society or religious denomination,” a local Member of Parliament told the CBC.

“My first reaction was embarrassment and shame,” resident Alex MacInnis said. “I have friends who worship there.

MacInnis found the vandalism and posted images on Facebook.

The people of Cold Lake took it from there.

  • Anna

    When we learn to respect our differences and agree to disagree, groups like ISIS, Al Qaida and other hate groups will no longer hold sway.

    I’m not sure if Canada just hides its racial troubles unusually well but the folks living in Alberta have the right idea and are setting an example that Americans should follow.

    As a sociology professor once told me, there is a very wide divide between tolerance and acceptance. Canadians have obviously learned that tolerance, meaningful compromise and love of neighbor is better than hate and violence.

    Now someone just needs to explain that to Congress.

  • davehoug

    I too applaud those in Canada who came to the side of the Mosque. However, ISIS and other Muslim groups hold sway with guns and violence and promise of paradise for those who die attacking infidels. Sad to say, the view of one thousand means nothing to the guy with a gun and the actions of those one thousand are dictated by the one with a gun.

    • kennedy

      Not always…