Are animals people too?

Remember this picture that swept around the Internet a few years ago?


A group of chimps gathered to mourn as the body of another one, who died of heart failure, was taken away.

It was a hard heart that didn’t pause to think.

Now, a long-awaited trial contending that a chimp is a person — in this case: Tommy — is finally going to trial.

A mid-level appeals court in New York State today began hearing the case of 26-year-old Tommy, who lives alone in a dark cage in upstate New York. His circus days are over.

Attorney Steve Wise brought the suit contending that animals have rights so that Tommy can live out his years in a chimp sanctuary in Florida.

He argues Tommy has been unlawfully imprisoned and should be released.

Tommy’s owner says the chimp has cable TV and a stereo and is just fine where he is.

  • davehoug

    Take 400 generations of lions and you get another lion. Take 400 generations of human and you go from spears to walking on the moon. An outside neutral observer would say there is something different about humans.

    • Robert Moffitt

      Yes, but lions will never destroy the planet, no matter how many generations they exist. Yes, there’s something different about humans alright, and I’m not lion.

  • John Peschken

    If animals are people, I’m going to have to seriously reconsider my dietary choices.