After death of St. Olaf junior, Carleton returns love

Perhaps you recall this post in March when every student at Northfield’s Carleton College received a flower in their mailbox after three students were killed in a car crash. The students at St. Olaf, just down the street in Northfield, also sent flowers over to the kids.

According to a post on Reddit yesterday, the Carleton kids have returned the love.

“A girl recently passed away at the college in my town. The other college in town, Carleton sent every student at St. Olaf flowers. This is the mail room this morning.”


Carleton chaplain Carolyn Fure-Slocum announced the death of a St. Olaf junior in a campus-wide e-mail last Thursday.

“As we know all too well after the accident last year, on a small campus, everyone is touched by such a terrible loss,” Fure-Slocum said in a statement. “A tragedy like this leaves a hole in our hearts which never goes away, but gradually can fill with loving memories.”

“After the accident last year, many campuses, teams, and individuals sent cards telling us they were thinking of us,” she said, “Even if they can’t respond now, it is helpful to know that others are standing with you in the midst of your grief.”

The Carleton kids spent Monday and Tuesday wrapping flowers and writing notes.

  • Jack

    The smallest of gestures have profound impacts.

  • Thomas Mercier

    Probably just as valuable a lesson as anything learned in the classroom.

  • Carol S.

    For all the reported rivalry between these two schools in this town, it seems that the students have figured out that sometimes it’s more important to come together. Maybe the future of society is actually in good hands.

    • joetron2030

      The rivalry has always, as far as I can recall, been good-natured. I certainly went to my fair share of unofficial events at Carleton when I attended St. Olaf.

      • J F Hanson

        …and I recall helping burn a “C” in the StO football field in 1963…

        maybe the students today are a leg up on what makes the interschool bonds good.

  • kitz

    two amazing schools in one town…and both schools attract students with a real heart for other people.

  • anonymous

    I knew her. She was so amazingly smart and beautiful. She was the biggest sweetheart I ever met. I can’t believe this at all…