Your daily dose of sweetness — NFL style

In the nick of time, a third season of “It’s Aaron” has debuted.

Packers (but let’s just ignore that fact for now, shall we?) quarterback Aaron Rodgers surprises people who do good work.

In the episode released over the weekend, he surprises a whole neighborhood to help a girl who lost her brother to cancer.

  • Jack

    Thank you for a reminder that there are some good things that come out of the NFL.

    • Jack

      Everyone wants to be Jack these days… So tell me Jack, if I work for Metropolitan State University or the U of M and I do something good for someone else does that mean that my good intentions are a product of my employment with those establishments?

      • LMD

        I’ll take this one, if I may….No. But this video certainly is a reminder that there are many GOOD people who work in the establishment of the NFL… not just domestic abusers and dog fighting ring leaders, etc.