When religion and politics mix

The intersection of politics and religion went badly for presidential hopeful Ted Cruz last evening.

He appeared at a gathering of a group that advocates for Christians in the Middle East — former attorney general John Ashcroft and former transportation secretary Ray LaHood serve on its board — urged support of Israel, and was booed off the stage.

The booing began when Cruz said “Today, Christians have no greater friend than the Jewish state.”

It was already a weird news week for Ted Cruz. On the floor of the Senate earlier in the week, he rallied opposition to the idea of a constitutional amendment on campaign reform by noting the producer of Saturday Night Live could be thrown in jail for making fun of politicians.

  • Robert Moffitt

    That comment bombed like a Cruz missile.

  • Robert Moffitt

    I keep hearing that Ted Cruz is a really bright legal scholar, but he keeps saying/doing stuff like this.

  • Duke Powell

    It takes just minutes to find out what really happened at this event.

    Cruz knew that pro Hezbollah and pro Assad Christians were in the audience and on the list of speakers that night who back the destruction of Israel. What better way could there be for an aspiring Presidential candidate to demonstrate to American Jewry that he is a strong supporter of Israel than to be booed off the stage by those who advocate for their destruction?

    Bob Moffitt is right, It was a Cruz missle.