Video: Five days in the Boundary Waters

In our continuing theme documenting people tackling dreams, might we suggest spending a few minutes watching Mike Ku’s documentary about his and his friends’ dream of exploring the Boundary Waters, a dream deferred because of life’s occasional intrusions.

Earlier this month, they fulfilled it.

It’s good tale, sweetly written and features some stunning quadcopter video, perfect for making a Friday afternoon in the cubicle farm pass a little faster.

  • joetron2030

    Uh-oh. I hope these guys had a permit.

    (Sorry, couldn’t help it. First thing that came to mind when I saw this post.)

  • whatever

    I would be pretty irritated if some rc plane was buzzing around while I was on a canoe trip in that area. It really appears someone missed the point of the whole area.

  • Sean Collins

    Honestly, since many of those areas allow motors on boats a RC plane is nothing.

  • tboom

    A quarter century ago I was taking a couple trips a year into the BWCA, then life events happened. Pictures don’t do it justice, but sure are a pleasant reminder. The video prompted me to pull out my old maps and trip notes, most of the scenery is etched in my memory all these years later.

    Like previous posts I don’t think these guys had our mindset going in: they had about 4x the gear, no glass is permitted (hope the liquor was in plastic), nothing motorized like RC copter, we never cut wood for fire (did cut already fallen branches), never took more fish than we could eat at the next meal (lots of catch and release).

    It looks like they had a wonderful trip and shared great friendships. It was fun to watch.

    If you’re planning on doing the BWCA “someday”, do it soon.