The manufactured outrage of a presidential salute

The manufactured political controversy du jour revolves around a presidential salute. Again.

Five years ago the usual suspects — in this case: the editor of Smithsonian Magazine — brayed that presidents shouldn’t salute at all after President Barack Obama had the gall to salute as a casket of a dead soldier was carried off a plane. It blew over.

As he jumped off Marine One in New York yesterday, Obama saluted his military escort. But he had a coffee cup in his hand at the time.

White House

The National Republican Congressional Committee tried to stir the pot on Twitter, calling it the “latte salute.”

Because we’ve never seen anything like it from a president before.

In this June 25, 2001 file photo, President Bush does his best to salute while holding his dog Barney as they get off of Air Force One. Susan Walsh/AP