Teen, thrown out of house, finds financial support online

Daniel Ashley Pierce, 19, made $93,000 in the last few weeks by getting thrown out of his home by his mother. He’s gay.

The Georgia teenager posted a YouTube video late last month of his mother telling him to “get out” earlier this week on GoFundMe, in order to raise money for living expenses. (Obscenities in video)

“They took everything including my college text books. I intend to use this money to get the basic things I need such as a bed, text books, medical stuff and transportation,” he wrote.

He’s since asked people to stop giving him money, and redirect it to an Atlanta organization that helps homeless LGBT youth instead.

  • BJ

    I love that fact that he didn’t let the money just keep rolling in, 8 days and put up a message sending people to a place that will help many more.

  • It’s sad that his mother is so ignorant about this subject.

  • Kassie

    When I worked in the welfare office, I had the caseload of kids who were under 18, homeless and not in the foster care system. 95% of the kids were either East African refugees who made it here without their parents or LGBT. The LGBT kids almost all had the same story, they came out (or were caught/outed) and then they got kicked out. The majority were kids of color. I get that there are lots of “under my roof…” types, but to kick your 15 year old out of your house to be homeless on the street and likely end up in prostitution is the least Christian thing I can think of.