So, how was your summer?

U of M climatologist Mark Seeley reported on his Facebook page this week that there were only two days of 90-degree highs in the Twin Cities this summer. In other parts of the state — Rochester, Morris, Albert Lea and Duluth, for example — there weren’t any. This, we’re told, has only happened eight other times since 1873.

Is that good news or bad?

A letter in today’s Star Tribune makes one wonder whether anyone remembers last winter.

So long, summer. We hardly knew ya. No tornado warnings. No hydration lectures. No prolonged periods of 90-degree days. No air-conditioning cutoffs. No threats of watering regulation enforcement.

Yes, unending rain. Yes, unending forecasts of unending rain. Yes, motorboat wave restrictions. Yes, flooded basements, streets, and clogged rain gutters. Yes, creeks overflowing. Yes, golf course closings. Summer 2014: Disappointing, discouraging, disagreeable.


Yesterday on MPR’s All Things Considered, meteorologist Paul Huttner said yesterday’s high of 87 might be the highest temperature in Minnesota for the rest of the year.

That temperature, by the way is 112 degrees warmer than the depths of last winter’s polar vortex.

  • So much for that “Global Warming” hoax.

    /Let’s see if anyone bites…

  • Dave S.

    Nicest summer I can remember. Yeah, there was a fair amount of rain (didn’t have to water), but we also had long stretches of clear, sunny, not-too-hot days and cool, GSW nights. What’s not to like?

    • Kassie

      I agree. This has been a fantastic summer. Too much rain at the start, but that settled down and I got good use of the rain coat I bought. But moderate temps, lots of open windows and days hanging out on the deck.

  • Gary F

    This big guy was quite pleased with the weather this summer.

    I supposed some people were getting Algore Mortis.

  • Tim

    90+ degree weather is fine if you’re swimming, boating, or staying indoors with AC. But otherwise, it’s pretty miserable. Aside from all the rain in June (and even then, I’ll take that over a drought), the weather this summer has been wonderful.

  • Jeff

    FANTASTIC summer. The only time I had to put the sprinkler on my gardens was before leaving home for a week-long vacation. The rest of the summer I could water with rain barrel water. Only ran the AC on a handful of nights (3?) which means lower electric bills and smaller carbon footprint. Just enough hot weather to make me wish for the sub-zero days when you get to cheat death by walking outside and surviving.

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    I saw a local greenskeeper post on Twitter that his course recorded four hours above 90º so far this year. Four hours!

    I can’t remember a summer with more pleasant weather. No days so stifflingly hot that you can’t function.

  • Jim G

    This summer was one for the record books. My wife, a Californian, didn’t carp about the heat and humidity even once. We did miss most of June’s rainfall with a trip to Washington State where the weather was also surprisingly sunny and warm. Thankfully in our absence, the sump pump kept up with those amazing downpours. We found this summer’s last half of cooler and sunnier days much more in our personal zones of comfort. As far as I’m concerned, it does not ever need to get out of the seventies. I’ll take that over any 90+ degree day.

  • Dave

    Boring summer. I like storms. I like heat. I like humidity. We didn’t have much of any of that. No, I’m not from Minnesota, which also means that despite it being after Labor Day, I’m not begging for snow, like the rest of you.

    • Oh, don’t get us wrong, we don’t necessarily “beg” for snow.