Serge Vorobyov can’t stop throwing money

Serge Vorobyov, the local guy who got arrested last winter when he tossed money in the Mall of America rotunda in an attempt to woo his estranged wife back (it didn’t work), tossed more dough from the Sky Ride at the State Fair last weekend.

“It was good fun,” he tells City Page’s Aaron Rupar. “It was a good way to end the summer and that was kinda my thing. It’s a little surprise when you get something fun and pleasant.”

He’s hoping to restart a car hauling business while saving money for a future giveaway, he says.

  • Jeff

    What a jackass. He puts other people at risk (a child could easily be trampled by a group of people looking up to the sky, trying to catch a dollar bill) for his own amusement. He is so ignorant that he doesn’t understand why security is (justifiably) upset. Selfish selfish selfish.