On a scale of 9 to 10, rate the Minnesota Twins

On a scale of 9 to 10, how would you rate the Minnesota Twins, who are about to turn in their fourth consecutive 90-loss season?

The little franchise that couldn’t is getting poked today for a survey it sent to ticket-buyers.

ESPN’s Keith Olbermann last night awarded the Twins marketing department its gold medal in his daily “world’s worst” competition.

As an aside, it’s worth pointing out that one of the worst teams in baseball is 13th in home attendance when adjusted for stadium size. That’s better than Kansas City, Seattle, Oakland, Baltimore, and Atlanta — all teams that have a decent shot at making the postseason.

That’s either a good reflection of the fans of Minnesota, or a bad one. We’re not exactly sure.

  • Gary F

    Hitting. I think we are OK, not great, I like the futures of Santana, Vargas, Arcia. Dozier could up his average but he brings some power and rbi’s. Plouffe needs to find himself, he has the ability to be a 25hr/100 rbi third basemen, which would make up for his poor fielding. Mauer, Mauer, Mauer, I think he needs to do his homework and pick 5 at bats per week out of his 25-30 and SWING ON THE FIRST PITCH!

    Pitching Bullpen decent, starting pitching, gotta have something besides Hughes and Gibson. It;s killing us.

    Coaching: time for them ALL to go. Clean house. I do not want to see anyone who has coached for us in the last 2-3 years have a job as a Twins coach at the major league level(I had to throw that in) .

    Farm system: It looks like we have talent, but how well are they coached?

    Front office? Need someone new, Terry Ryan took the job back after a couple of years. Need someone new, NOT from the organization.

    So, in conclusion, front office and coaching are our biggest problems.

    I didn’t know Keith Olbermann was working.

  • Dave

    The Twins brand is a very nice man with a beard, pacing and spitting in the dugout. And being ejected later in the game, as if with 90 losses it matters whether that guy was safe at second. Also, too, the very nice man with a mustache, who walks leisurely to the mound, tells the pitcher a secret, and watches the next pitch sail over the flagpoles.

    How you can even try to link a car to a baseball team is an impressive stretch. Quoth Gardy: “You tip your hat to our marketers. They really battled out there.”

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    I wanted to see how the team played in August and September and if they would roll over and die the way they did the previous three seasons. They lost 18 games in August. Unlike previous years there are guys who are fun to watch like Kennys Vargas and Oswaldo Arcia. Still, it’s not enough to get me to resubscribe to cable for next season barring changes that begin higher than their manager. This team is not worth my precious baseball time.

  • Jack

    Nova might be more appropriate – especially when you understand why the car sold so poorly in Spanish speaking countries. That would be “No Go”.