No change in list of richest Minnesotans

Them that had, still has.

Forbes is out with its annual list of the 400 richest people in the United States and there are no changes among the Minnesotans on the list.

There are only 131 people richer than Whitney MacMillan, the Cargill heir, who checks in this year with $3.8 billion to his name. That’s $200 million less than a year ago. He drops from his perch at No. 128 last year.

From there it’s a long drop to No. 302 where Stanley Hubbard of KSTP is sitting with $2.1 billion. Hubbard has the same amount of money as last year (when he was at No. 322), but he leapfrogged over Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor, who has lost about a half billion in the last year, if you believe Forbes’ methodology.

Weep not for Taylor though. $1.7 billion is still a lot of money. He could burn $100 bills every 10 seconds for the next six years. Or just continue to own the Star Tribune.

Barbara Carlson Gage and Marilyn Carlson remain tied at No. 383 with $1.6 billion. They’ve both improved by one spot over a year ago.

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