Minnesota’s hot commodity right now? Firewood

It could be a cold winter for people who heat their homes with firewood. There isn’t any.

The wet weather in the spring and summer kept loggers out of the woods, Forum Communications reports, and now there’s no firewood in areas of the state.

A company that usually caters to the suburbanites is sending truckloads into the hinterlands. But it’ll cost up to $600 a cord.

“We’ve already made some trips up there. I’ve got calls from Hermantown, even Bemidji. … I just got a call from a lady from Duluth who said their normal firewood dealer can’t fill any more orders,’’ Jason McCullough, co-owner of Pinnacle, said. “I really don’t want to have to go up there. But if people are desperate, I guess we can help them out. Some people up there who use wood as a primary heat source in winter are getting desperate.”

Even if you can get a company to answer the phone, it’ll be six weeks before you can get any wood, the Duluth News Tribune says.