Minnesota to Washington by canoe

For more than a year, Dave and Amy Freeman, of Grand Marais, Minnesota, have been planning a canoe trip to Washington, D.C., as a way to call attention to — and protest — plans for copper mining in northeast Minnesota which they say threatens the wilderness.

Yesterday, they left.

That’s a hike, err, paddle. They’ll sail along Lake Superior, up the north shore of Lake Huron, the French, Mettawa and Ottawa rivers to Ottawa, to Montreal, Lake Champlain, the Chesapeake and to Capitol Hill, where, by then, there’s unlikely to be anyone home. They won’t reach Washington until early December, where a lame-duck Congress will probably not be in session.

Dave Freeman tells the Duluth News Tribune he’d like to meet with the president. “I’m hopeful, but obviously he’s a very busy person. I’m optimistic we will at least be able to give them to someone high up in the administration, who will listen to our views.”

  • >>Dave Freeman tells the Duluth News Tribune he’d like to meet with the president.<<

    Yeah, good luck with that.

    • Jack Ungerleider

      The president will officially be a lame-duck at that point and might if he’s in town. Then send them over to the Department of the Interior where there information will graciously be accepted and placed in a file marked “Do Not Disturb”.

  • Kassie

    Why leave for a canoe trip through the Great Lakes this late in the year? It is going to be a very cold trip.

  • julogue

    Seems Minnesota’s greatest assets, it’s beautiful natural resources, is under attack from many directions: including but not limited to oil, mineral and telecommunications profiteering. Thanks to the Freeman’s for their attempt. May not seem like a big gesture but it takes a lot of rain drops to fill the bucket. We all need to do our part.