KARE: Local VA covering up delays

The family of a Minnesota Marine is alleging the local Veterans Administration clinic falsified its records to cover up delays in providing treatment.

KARE 11’s investigation shows Jordan Buisman cancelled the appointment he had with the VA and wanted to schedule another one for later.

There’s just one problem; Buisman died four days before he allegedly cancelled the appointment, according to KARE.

His family said he had been told he would have to wait more than two months to get an appointment for a serious seizure disorder.

Earlier this month, two former VA employees filed a whistleblower complaint alleging they were told to cover for delays in treatment for veterans by making it appear the would-be patients were responsible for them.

Both allege they were fired when they objected.

KARE 11 said the VA sent a list of “plausible reasons” for Buisman’s appointment being cancelled after he was already dead.

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