Joshua Bell plays the subway again

Seven years ago, Joshua Bell — icongnito — played for tips at a Washington subway station.

The Washington Post staged the experiment to see if anyone would notice some of the world’s great music during their rush to work. Few — other than kids — did. The story– Pearls Before Breakfast — won a Pulitzer.

Today, Bell went back to the subway stop and he didn’t try to hide who he is because his message is too important: Music education belongs in our schools.

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  • KTFoley

    A Washington detail: Jessica Contrera takes pains to note that he played “near the D.C. Metro.” Busking is illegal on the Metro: the original site at L’Enfant Plaza was a privately owned spot and permission was given. Given how he’s tucked into a corner and viewers are crowding the restaurant patrons at Union Station, it looks like the same is true this time around.