‘Heisenberg’ relives baseball’s great moments

With another 90-loss season and a likely manager firing just days away, the Minnesota sports fan might be tempted to wish baseball would simply go away.

That was before football season started, and now, we dare say, baseball has rarely looked better to these tired eyes.

Football can’t do this:

“After watching this glorious piece, who does not want to make this fake one-man show a reality?” Time asks today

  • Dave

    You seriously think Gardenhire will be gone? Isn’t he on a two-year contract right now?

    • Jack Ungerleider

      I’ve heard theories that since Anderson is on a 1 year contract he won’t be renewed and Gardy might just step aside because he can’t have his long time pitching coach.

      • X.A. Smith

        Yeah, how’s he supposed to win games without his precious pitching coach?

        • Dave

          You mean his buddy?

          • Jack Ungerleider

            Exactly. There are some manager/coach combinations that stick together. One of the more famous was Tony La Russa and Dave Duncan. They went from Chicago to Oakland to St Louis. The relationship between Anderson and Gardenhire is similar. Former teammates who become a coaching tandem.

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    He looks a little like Kevin Love with the beard.