For some Vikes’ fans, Peterson charges are a joke

This Minnesota Vikings fan was doing the team proud while downing a few brews before yesterday’s game and whacking people with a switch, apparently in support of Adrian Peterson.

She made new friends…

And didn’t embarrass Vikings fans at all.

So far, the woman’s name has not been revealed. Online, some people claiming to know her claim someone gave her the switch and she was just joking.

Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy tried to find her but had no luck. No matter. There were other fans to be used to portray Minnesota as a parental backwater.

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  • Jack

    Question for her – have you ever been caned, hit with a switch, or otherwise suffered from more than a mild spanking? I’m guessing not.

    Wake up fans – football is just a game. Inflicting injuries during punishment is not.

  • Robert Moffitt

    Tabloid covers are often short on good taste and sometimes common decency, but I must say the Daily News hit the target that time.

  • Matt

    “apparently in support of Adrian Peterson.”

    Did anyone actually talk to this person to see if she was trying to support AP or rather point out how ridiculous it is to hit a kid with the switch? My initial reaction was that this was a parody gone wrong and done in poor taste, not that she was supporting him.

  • Marge

    Try this: “I was just disciplining my wife (or my employee).” It’s not okay. I was spanked and sometimes beaten with a belt by my angry mother. A nun slapped my face. I was a meek child and a look would have left me cringing. The hitting just made me resentful. Some people joke about this stuff. I don’t.

  • Dave

    Is it sexist of me to not expect a woman to do this?

    • Marge

      I think women get away with more abuse of children then men do, just because people don’t expect them to do it.

    • Matt

      Yes. And good self awareness, by the way.

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    Thank god the Internet is here for us to give this one person some attention.