Erling and Emmett: The sequel

The day may soon come — probably, very soon — when we tire of KARE 11’s updates of the relationship between an old man and a little kid, but today is not the day.

“It’s kind of lonely out here sometimes you know,” Erling Kindem of Dundas says about the 3-year-old boy who lived next door once upon a time.

This one goes out to all the people in your past who promised to keep in touch, but never did.

  • Gary F

    Kare 11 “cares”. they are the newscast that brings you the wave.

    Yes, they will milk it out instead of showing real news someday, but that one still works.

    • I’m certainly familiar with this definition of “human interest” stories not being “real news.” I’ve battled it for a long time and written more essays on it so there’s no reason to repeat myself here.

      “Real news” needs tension. There is always a good guy vs. a bad guy.

      The Clift Note version of my essays: News should paint a picture of us… the good, the bad, and the ugly. That there is an underlying goodness among us is a reality, an underplayed reality, an underappreciated reality and, most important, a reality that should offset the despair caused by what some people define as “real news.”

      What difference does it make? People in despair tend to resign themselves to the despair. And nothing changes.

  • Ben

    Thanks for this post. Your last sentence hit me in the gut. I’m one of those people who promised to stay in touch, but didn’t. When I knocked on the door of my buddy’s house years later I learned he had passed away. I’m sitting at my desk trying not to cry and telling myself instead of feeling sorry about this, next time, don’t wait.

  • Ali Lozoff

    I love this story, and cry unabashedly at the updates. I hope they have many more visits together; this is an important friendship for both of them and they are both getting so much out of it. We need some bright spots in our news days.