California gets Dunkin’ Donuts but still doesn’t get it

As we suspected, Californians didn’t deserve to get Dunkin’ Donut franchises before Minnesota .

First of all, they’re eating the donuts, which these days are a far cry from the iconic “Time to Make the Donuts” days of yore when donuts were made in the store. They’re now frozen and rethawed. Yum.

A true Dunkin’ customer heads straight for the coffee.

Northern Minnesota is reportedly getting half dozen of the franchises. A store in Rochester opened this year. No stores are in the offing for the Twin Cities.

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  • We Minnesotans stood in line for those Krispy Kreme donuts…and where are those now?

    • You’d be foolish to stand in line for a Dunkin’ Donut. As I’ve said often, the brand isn’t really about donuts.

      • Jeff

        What is it about? (I grew up in Boston and don’t get it.)

        • You know that different between, say, Brockton/Quincy and, say, Natick or Marblehead? That’s pretty much what it’s about.

          • Jeff

            Or maybe Revere Beach vs. Good Harbor Beach (Gloucester)? I think I get it now. Thanks.

        • Jerry

          I assume mostly nostalgia

  • daklute

    Never understood the interest in the coffee. I’ve tried it multiple times; what is the appeal?

  • Dave

    Their coffee is as good as the emperor’s new clothes in my opinion.

    I think the best coffee in the world is Dunn Bros cold press. Apparently it’s a mix of a couple of their light roasts, coarsely ground, and is quite an involved process.

    • Kassie

      Cold press at Buttered Tin is my absolute favorite.

  • Moffitt

    I’m STILL waiting for a Steak ‘n Shake!

    • tboom

      I’m waiting for In-n-Out Burger! … Salt Lake City to the West and DFW to the South, at this pace probably not in my lifetime.

  • Erik

    “Rethawed”? So they’ve been frozen twice? 🙂