After lemonade heist, a better side of humanity

In Round Hill, Virginia, Spencer Bergman worked hard all summer selling lemonade at his stand.

His mother had said he could get a dog if he raised $500, a figure she knew he’d never reach because she didn’t really want a dog.

But Spencer wanted a dog.

Then he and his friend — his pal was trying to raise money for summer camp — were closing up the stand one afternoon when a punk stole the day’s take — about $35.

A local businessman wanted the boys to see a better side of humanity, says the Washington Post. So he gave them $75 each. And the community took it from there.

Suddenly, Spencer Bergman was unexpectedly close to his goal of $500.

“I was shocked at how nice and generous everyone was,” Spencer Tarbet said. He paid off the money for scout camp that he owed his parents, and he and his brother gave their friend more money toward the dog.

Spencer Bergman kept doing small jobs, thinking about how much he loved playing with his grandma’s little Shih Tzus, and the story “Where the Red Fern Grows” about a boy who saves to buy two dogs.

Last week, Lisa Bergman began adjusting to the idea that this dog thing might really happen.

Then a neighbor told them about a little Westie that needed a home.

“He came in and just started sniffing around and we loved him. He was just perrrrrrffffffffffect,” Spencer Bergman said.

Now, the money is going toward the care of the new family member.