Can you be searched in post-flight airport security?

If you’ve gone through airport security, gotten on your flight, and landed at your destination, can the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) pull you aside for additional screening?

Kahler Nygard of Orono, Minnesota, flew from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to Denver a week ago but was then pulled off the flight before other passengers for additional screening, which he filmed.

Nygard eventually walked away and left the airport.

Fox 9 News originally ran the story last week, identifying Nygard as Somali American. He’s not.

But the story has now been picked up by some national news organizations and it’s still not clear whether you can be stopped and searched after your flight has concluded.

  • l

    fascinating, what was the final outcome did the Denver Police ever stop him? … Bob Collins, can you please follow this up, Thanks

  • Jim23

    This is insane. I hate to use the trite, cliche “the Terrorists have won”, but when officials think they can routinely violate people’s basic rights it is hard to come to any other conclusion.

  • Thomas Mercier

    I see one plausible reason for this but it isn’t a great reason. The hypothetical I imagine based on the exchange would be that someone got through security without adequate screening at the originating airport (e.g. picking up a carry-on before it had received secondary screening to address a concern) and that this was their attempt to remedy the entry of unscreened materials within a secure area. If that is the case the only ‘good’ solution would be a complete closure/screening of the entire secure area and any/all flights where a transfer of prohibited material may have made it to. Given the complexity of that and the amount of embarrassment associated with that I could envision the TSA trying something like this.

  • joetron2030

    Assuming it was a TSA foul-up of some sort, my guess is we may never know the truth behind this story.