Young TV news stars choose family, friends over career

Jerrid Sebesta, the former KARE 11 meteorologist, is back working the Twin Cities media beat, signing on with Bring Me The News, a few months after giving up the TV life to spend more time with his family.

He is the latest TV personality to give up the bright light in a need to balance work with family.

We posit that what we’re seeing here is a generational change for an industry — the news media — in which relationships, and practically everything else was sacrificed for what has traditionally constituted “success” in the business.

On his website, Sebesta writes extensively today about his decision to leave the Twin Cities and try to find something closer to family in South Dakota.

Nearly all of my time has been dedicated to enjoying my wife and children. Pretty much everyday included bike rides, walks and trips to pool along with my kids, in-laws, and nieces/nephews. I’ve had more family time and been to more family events this summer than previous years combined. In fact, my son and I are flying to Colorado this weekend for a family reunion…so excited!

I have seen my KIDS BE KIDS – playing in the garden, laugh, make up games, get dirty, learn how to ride bike, swim, rarely watch TV…all in a small-town, slow-paced environment – much like we were raised.

I’ve watched my son ABSOLUTELY come out of his shell. Beckham, being able to run, play, and roughhouse with his cousins on daily basis which have turned this kid into blooming little boy. Not to mention, I’ve been able put my beautiful daughter down for naps and bedtime EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

Essentially, this summer has represented the life we wanted while working at KARE11, but couldn’t get.

For now, Sebesta will do his new job from a farmhouse somewhere in southern Minnesota.

Meanwhile, there were changes this week at WCCO where morning regulars Mike Augustyniak and Natalie Nyhus asked off the brutal early-morning shift.

“My body doesn’t work as well at 3 a.m. as it does at 3 p.m. I’m grateful that we were able to figure out a solution that allowed me to better balance my personal life with my work life,” said Augustyniak.

Nyhus’ reasons for wanting off mornings is somewhat more fuzzy. She said she wanted a new challenge.

It’s not the first time in recent months that a TV personality has weighed the spotlight with the need for a life.

Reporter Edward Moody at WCCO cut to part-time work at the station in April, “so I could reconnect with my REAL life,” he told the Strib’s C.J. “I’d been hopping around the country for about a decade, and maybe two years ago I realized I’d basically missed 10 years of the lives of the people I love, chasing this dream. So now I’m using the extra time to be with my partner Up North and see my mom, aunt and grandmother more.”