A dad’s pep talk picks up the rest of us

Here’s your daily dose of sweetness.

Devon Still, of the Cincinnati Bengals, has a lot on his mind these days. His daughter has cancer. He was cut from the football team, but then was re-signed to the team’s practice squad so he could still have health insurance to pay for Leah’s treatment.

The team started selling his jersey, giving all the money to a fund to help her fight against cancer.

Yesterday, as he was about to drive her to the hospital, he gave her a pep talk.

“Pre-surgery pep talk…I might be nervous and scared beyond words but I’ll never let her see,” he wrote on Instagram.

When she was in recovery, he was nearby.

Devon Still via Instagram

Surgeons got all of the tumor, he reported last night. She now has a round of chemotherapy on the schedule.

Devon Still via Instagram

“The simple things are what I enjoy the most now,” he writes.

His Instagram account is good for whatever ails you.

  • Matt

    Always good to have something that restores faith in humanity. Seems like a recent theme of NewsCut, eh?

    • Yes, if by “recent” you mean “for the last 7 years.”

  • Guest

    So there are good guys in the NFL… I wonder why ESPN (NFL media relations) isn’t talking about it?

    • Jack Ungerleider

      Actually they have. Last week when all the Adrian Peterson news and the story in Carolina were in the headlines. ESPN’s Mike and Mike show had Devon Still on talking about what the Bengals team has done for him. What you need to know from that story is that he was cut because he asked to be cut. He said he needed to stay home with is daughter. The team, on learning what the costs were going to be, went to him and said, “We’ll put you on the practice squad so you can stay on the insurance. You do what you need to do, we’re behind you.” It was then that the owner told his web store manager that the proceeds from all of the jersey sales would go to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. The team is covering all of the processing costs so each $100 jersey sale is $100 for the Hospital.

      The story didn’t end there. Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints heard the story and bought 100 kid size Devon Still jerseys and had them sent to the hospital for the kids there. In the process making a $10,000 donation to hospital and lifting the spirits of the kids as well.

      Mike and Mike had Still on the phone discussing what the team had done for him. They asked about Payton’s gesture and then got Payton on the phone so Still could thank him personally. They ran this story to remind all of us that there are a lot of people in the NFL and most of them are good, decent people.

      • David

        This was me. I made the comment without knowing the facts. I looked at ESPN.com after I made the comment and seeing my error tried to delete my callous comment. It looks like I managed only to scrape my name off of it. Good for Mike and MIke, Sean Payton and the Begals organization.