A challenge to men on the culture of domestic violence

Big credit is going this morning to James Brown, the CBS Sports anchor for its NFL broadcasts, for his essay before last night’s Thursday Night Football game.

Brown, while not giving the NFL a pass in its handling of the video of former Baltimore Raven’s beating of the woman who is now his wife, advanced the issue beyond a problem with the NFL or football culture and issued a challenge to change the “man culture.”

Curiously, Brown cited the use of language in furthering the devaluing of women. Phrases like, “you throw like a girl.”

He could’ve picked a far, far better example.

  • Ollulia

    Thank you to James Brown for talking about this, and using his visibility to call for action by all men. I don’t think it’s necessary to nitpick on his example of language used to devaluing women. Devaluing starts early and can be absorbed from phrases like “you throw like a girl”. While maybe not the perfect example, let’s not find reasons to edit his call to action.