When people pitch in

A man was getting on a train in Perth this morning when he stepped back and into the gap between the train and the platform. He couldn’t get out.

No problem, though. Because people saved him by moving the train.

“Everyone sort of pitched in,” a spokesman for the transit authority said.

“It was people power that saved someone from possibly quite serious injury.”

A comment on the Australian news site ABC is worth considering.

This is the sort helping out our species does all the time, we are, on the whole, very good to each other. Perhaps the rise and rise of the social psychopath and their dominance in business, politics(a business)and the media(a business) has us all thinking we a mob of rotters. Think of the majority of interactions you have with others. Humans are considerate of each other and their success as a species is probably due to this one thing above all other factors. Love you peeps, see you out there…

  • Tyler

    Wow…that honestly gave me chills.

  • CL

    “Mind the gap.” Wow now I know why.

  • tboom

    We often document the individual hero, but in this is a case it’s a whole train platform of heroes!

    I can get pretty cynical about human behavior, but it’s true most of us want to help others in need. Really, there is no other reason for charitable giving than people caring about the human condition.

    As the Australian site points out, if we pay too much attention to news media we come to believe nobody can be trusted. Maybe we just need to spend a little more time getting to know each other.