The ‘rubble bucket’ challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge, you’ve probably heard, has caught on in a big way to raise money for ALS research. If someone you know hasn’t posted a video of dumping him/herself with ice water, you probably need more friends.

Here’s an offshoot that probably won’t catch on.

Ayman al Aloul, a Palestinian journalist, dumped a bucket of concrete and rubble on his head to call attention to the situation in Gaza.

A Rubble Bucket Challenge page has been set up on Facebook.

  • Moffitt

    I realize English may not be their first language, but over here “remains” means more than building rubble.

  • True, but…

    Umm, considering how many people are still unaccounted for in all these blown up buildings, ‘remains’ might just be an accurate description after all, sadly.