‘Speak no ill?’ That’s so yesterday

Political victory speeches are usually tame and boring things. Even if you hate your opponent, graciousness is the order of the day. Ronald Reagan declared it so when he created the 11th Commandment.

Not in Michigan last night, and not for Rep. Justin Amash, the Republican who won his primary battle.

One can hardly blame Amash, though, considering his opponent’s dirty ads.

“I’m an Arab-American, and he has the audacity to say I’m Al Qaeda’s best friend in Congress. That’s pretty disgusting,” Amash said in an interview after his speech.

His opponent, Brian Ellis, wasn’t just taking on Amash. He was also taking on the Club for Growth, the well-financed Republican king-maker that endorsed Amash, who also got the endorsement of Texas’ Ted Cruz.

Ellis said he called Amash to congratulate him on the win. Amash didn’t take the call.

(h/t: Brian Reynolds)

  • Dave

    Also in his speech: “Americans are taking back their government from the crooks and the cronies”


  • bp

    Amash hasn’t exactly been known for his emotional maturity thus far in his political career. I grew up in that district. I now lean Democrat, but my first time voting was for a Republican for that seat–Paul Henry. Amash is nowhere close in reputation to either Henry or another predecessor–Jerry Ford.

    • Matt Black

      I grew up there too when Vern Ehlers was the representative. It’s a different acting district now.

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    Generally not considered cool.