Sometimes you just need a little piano playing at an airport

This is one of those days when a guy playing a piano at an airport in Prague is the faint string of civilization we’re grasping for.


“I spent 12 days in Europe without playing music, so I missed playing and became very excited about it,” Maan Hamadeh told The Daily Star of Lebanon.

“I have previously tried the Arabic remix once for ‘Fur Elise’ at home, but the other remixes I played were [thought up] on the spot,” Hamadeh said.

“I would love to see pianos in all public place, especially those where the waiting factor is present,” he said.

There’s a piano at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, but it’s tucked away in the baggage area and for some reason, it’s a little harder to get a captive audience.

(h/t: NPR Two-Way)

  • boB from WA

    They do this out @ PDX, although they mix up the musicians and instruments. They position the performers just after the TSA line so that it seems to calm the frayed nerves. I’ve heard cello concertos as well as pianos, and guitars. Too bad more places with large gatherings of folk don’t have this.