Woman named to NBA coaching staff

It’s not hard to find men coaching sports played by women. So why aren’t there women coaching men’s teams?

Ask no more, NBA fans. The San Antonio Spurs, perhaps the finest basketball organization in America, today hired a woman as an assistant coach.

Becky Hammon is in her final season — her 16th — with the WNBA San Antonio Stars and will move to the NBA team coaching staff for the upcoming season.

She becomes the first woman to be an assistant coach of a good NBA team. Lisa Boyer was along for the ride on John Lucas’ 2001-02 Cleveland staff as a volunteer. The Cavaliers finished 29-53.

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  • David

    How soon before a commentator puts their foot in their mouth?

  • Nikki

    I think it is worth mentioning Natalie Nakase. NPR profiled her a few days ago as “the first female assistant coach in NBA history.” She was an assistant coach during summer league for the Clippers. Her job during the season is assistant video coordinator. Since height is apparently worth mentioning, for the record- she’s only 1 inch shorter than the shortest NBA player in history.