Duluth kids likely to spend more ‘snow days’ in school

Is it too early to start debating whether schools should close during snow storms?

No? Good, because Duluth schools could change the way winter operates around here.

The Duluth News Tribune reports that administrators are considering a philosophical shift away from closing schools for the entire day when there’s a storm — they lost 8 days of school last year — and, instead, start school two hours late.

Many districts already do this, in recognition that Minnesotans are pretty good at dealing with snowstorms once they’re awake and attacking the roads and driveways.

“The hope is that we give students as much educational time as we can, and the loss of two hours is better than the loss of eight,” Superintendent Bill Gronseth said.

  • BReynolds33

    I was sitting in the bar in Northome on the way to Lake of the Woods last year, and asked if the kids there had missed many days due to the cold. She said, “If we missed school because it was cold, they would never be in school.”

    Different attitude away from the city lights.

  • Jeff

    A big reason for the Mpls/St. Paul closures was the potential for frostbite while waiting for the bus. Some kids in Mpls. had to walk 30 minutes to get to their stop. Add that time to the time spent waiting for the bus (which is more likely than usual to be delayed because of the cold) and exposed skin can be frozen, no matter what the attitude of the kids are. My guess is that any kids bussed by the Northhome school district had stops much closer to their house. That probably made a bigger difference than attitude.